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How to Watch Netflix Downloads after Subscription Expired

Does anyone have the experience, there are many downloaded Netflix movies and TV shows that have yet to watch when you are informed by Netflix that your subscription is closed to ends? Since the content is restricted by Netflix, you have a limited amount of time to watch it before it expires. The amount of time is dependent on your subscription, all content will be inaccessible once the subscription is over. Plus, the time limit is also varied by titles, some titles will expire shortly after you first press play and you will no longer able to watch them anymore no matter your subscription ends or not.

It is really a pity, you miss the chance to watch some Netflix videos during the subscription. But don’t be sad, we could help you copy out the videos from Netflix, no longer to concern about the time limits. Read on, the following guide will show you how to download Netflix movies and TV shows as local files on a computer, by applying a powerful tool - TunePat Netflix Video Downloader.

Netflix download expired

How to Download Netflix Videos before the Subscription Ends?

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader has a great performance with a simplified and easy-to-use interface, even those who use the program for the first time can easily and quickly download movies and TV shows from Netflix. What's more, no worry about the quality and subtitles, TunePat Netflix Video Downloader supports downloading HD quality video and saving several multi-language audio tracks and subtitles according to your location/ country. The following is the guide to download Netflix videos with TunePat.

Key Features of TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

netflix video downloader

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader

  • okDownload movies and TV shows from Netflix.
  • okSupport downloading the HD Netflix video.
  • okDownload Netflix video in MP4/ MKV format.
  • okKeep audio tracks and subtitles.
  • okDownload Netflix at a fast speed.

Guide to Download Netflix Videos with TunePat

Step 1Launch TunePat and Sign in Netflix

Install the latest version of the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader and run it, then import any word to the search box on TunePat, you will see a window in which you need to type your email address and password to log in Netflix.

sign in netflix

Step 2Set Output Video Quality and Output Path

Click the setting button button at the upper right corner and select the video quality as High, then set the output path.


Step 3Search for Netflix Videos

Copy and paste the video’s link from Netflix or just input the keywords, TunePat will show you all the videos related to the content you input.

past video URL to tunepat

Step 4Download Netflix TV Shows and Movies

Find the video you want and click the Download button to start downloading. The videos you added will queue to be downloaded on the right sidebar.

download netflix video

Step 5Check Downloaded History

Once videos downloaded, click the Library tab to check the downloaded history.

downloaded history


Though there are many tools in the market that can download Netflix videos, what makes TunePat stand out is that it supports downloading videos by name searching and URL recognizing, letting Netflix videos downloaded with a faster speed than other tools. What's more, this is the best simple way to keep the Netflix downloads on your computer forever and enable you to watch those videos after the subscription ends. Thus, TunePat would be your first choice when you need a tool to download Netflix videos.

Note: The free trial version of the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the first 5 minutes of each video. To unlock the limitation, you are suggested to purchase the full version.

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